About Us

Artevelas creates unique and memorable settings, where the candles themselves are works of art. Our passion for design and creativity, and our utilization of raw materials, allow us to create products that are romantic, elegant, and distinctive.

In the Artevelas workshop, candles are handmade and designed by dedicated artists. Here, a world of colors, lights, textures, and scents inspires the creations that will accent all of life’s little moments.

Through persistence and with unfettered passion, Alejandra and Marcos founded Artevelas in Playa del Carmen in 2002. They share a life rooted in expressing themselves through art and bringing this to you at Artevelas. Together they have decorated artistically every area of this wonderful destination, expanding to all corners and building a lifestyle.

Alejandra says that “the love for light and color” is not only present in their passion for Artevelas, but also in their life with their daughter, who feeds their dreams and illuminates their future (along with their adored pets Negro, Teo, and Osita, of course). Marcos believes that through sharing their space, life is more full and meaningful. We both feel immensely grateful for all that life has given us.

Artevelas helps clients create a sense of romance by illuminating and enhancing the spaces and moments most important to them; allowing the artistry of the candles to convey your story and emotions.

We invite you to take part in the  Artevelas experience and feel the passion.


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